Travel : Soho and Sam Smiths

Friday I caught a train back to London. I headed to Soho and explored the markets and a couple of music stores. I managed to replace my Portishead cds that have become scratched over the last 20 odd years. Then i had a couple of 1/2s in a nice Shepherd Neame pub opposite the Harold Pinter Theatre. Stu met me here and we headed off on a wee pub crawl of old pubs. We did the Lamb and Flag to experience classic London drinking in the streets on a sunny day, then Princess Louise where due to it being a Sam Smiths house, I found myself swearing more than usual. The pub was amazing with full blown Victorian ornate multi room interior. We then did the Ye Old Mitre where there was some lovely Jaipur on. Then the Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkinwell for some St Peters Mild, before ending up at The Royal Oak for Harvey’s Mild. I then left Stu to go met Erika outside the The Harp. We wandered through The National Portrait Gallery chatting and then went to a subterranean French sandwich shop in Covent Garden for dinner. We ended up with a pint at The Porthouse pub which was full blown retro 90’s brew pub style with screens and people everywhere . Then it was a quick train back to Kent, a beer or 2 more with Stu and then some much needed sleep.

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