Travel : White Cliffs of Dover

Saturday was a rest day. Stu , Fritha , Teddy and Sonny and myself headed out to Dover to walk the white cliffs and visit the Battle of Britain memorial. It was a bit chilly on the cliffs but in a very gentle English way. Nothing like a good Cook Straight Southerly. There were Exmoor Ponies and a Tea Room in the lighthouse at the end. Then we drove along to St. Margaret’s at Cliffe to a wee Hotel where we had a pint of lovely hoppy pale ale from Gadds / Ramsgate Brewery.
Then it was back to Sevenoaks . Stu then took me out to get some cash out and we stopped at The Windmill in Sevenoaks Weald for a pint. We ended the day with a lovely dinner and cracked a bottle of the Gales Prize Old Ale collab that JK did with Fullers last year.

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