Travel : Salisbury

We got into Salisbury as the sun was setting. JK had outdone himself , our accommodation was pretty bloody special. We stayed at the Sarum Theological College within the grounds of Salisbury Cathedral. As we got out of the car an old cleric shuffled past in archaic flowing black robes. After checking in we moved into the college and the sound of evensong wafted through the halls from the chapel. We then took off across town for the Wyndam Arms home of the Hopback Brewery. The pub was amazing, straight out of the 1980’s , wet only and full of locals many of them discussing church matters. We then headed back to town and stumbled across The Haunch of Venison . Having read of this historic pub many times I should have known to hunt it out. It dates from 1320 and is little changed. There were roaring fires, a mummified hand, pints of Courage and Exmoor bitter, and a feast of Venison. We then visited a Fullers pub which was the first real duff one of the trip with poor beer quality. On our way back to the college we stopped in at the lovely New Inn for 1/2s of Hall and Woodhouse Tanglefoot, not a beer I would usually go for and it was the best conditioned beer of the night. We then hastened back as the fortified gates closed the cathedral down at 11.
Next morning I woke early to a foggy atmospheric light . A quick cup of tea and headed out to explore the cathedral in the dawn light. It was 7am and apart from a small group of worshippers attending a service that sounded like it was in Latin although I’m sure it wasn’t , I had the place to myself. After poking around for 45min or so I headed back to pack up and prepare for the brew. As I walked along a corridor a rotund man in a friar tuck outfit passed me , he took one look at me and laughed. Here I was the oddity.

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