Travel: Hook Norton

Weds I set off for Salisbury where we were to brew our collaboration Captain Planet with Yeastie Boys. I met Charlie from Yeastie Boys and we jumped on a train to Banbury where we were meeting JK as he drove down from Chester. We took this circuitous route to Salisbury as we had the great Hook Norton to visit. The cotswolds were just as beautiful in reality as legend . As we entered Hook Norton Village the dray was out delivering. Once there JK sat down to discuss some things with James Clarke the owner/managing director and we had a tour. The old tower brewery was everything I hoped it would be. The fermenting room was a particular highlight with one particularly enthusiastic Stout ferment heading over the top to meet the beer next door. After the tour we were shouted lunch in the visitor centre and were joined by the entire production crew. The best pork pie I have ever had. Alas I didnt manage to see the swimming pool that hosted Christmas dinner for Mum and Carol in the 70’s.
Then it was on to Salisbury.

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