Travel : Brew at Dark Revolution

Our collaboration brew with Yeastie Boys took place at Dark Revolution Brewery which is located at the Old Sarum Airfield just out of Salisbury. Old Sarum Airfield was a WW1 and WW2 air base. We started with a very peaceful mash in . Small breweries in the UK don’t have mills and source their malt pre ground meaning it simply needs to tip the sacks into the grist case without the noise and action of the mill.
Then I popped round the corner with Charlie to a nearby greasy spoon for my first full English of the trip. A cultural difference arose over breakfast as I couldn’t believe how such a low brow establishment could serve such good quality sausages and Charlie couldn’t understand how sausages could be so poor.
The brew went well, a mish mash of our Super Alpha recipe and Yeasties Digital IPA recipe. With our powers combined its called Captain Planet.
As the beer started its path to the fermentor we set off for Winchester making sure to drive via Stonehenge.

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