Food : Cumberland Upon Spuds

Some years ago I picked up the technique of unlinking sausages and roasting them in a spiral from Jamie Oliver. Its a super easy way of making an impressive , hearty centrepiece for a meal without breaking the bank. Here I have combined it with a potato and leek bake and roasted the sausage over the veg. Simple and delicious. Cumberland sausage is meant to be sold in one continuous coil however today that is seldom the case so this recipe sort of takes it back to its roots. I’m lucky enough to be able to use the wonderful Waikanae Butcher Cumberland.


1 bunch of Cumberland sausage unlinked and with the meat squeezed along into the gaps to form 1 long sausage
salt pepper

Leek and Potato Bake
2kg agria sliced thin with a peeler
1 leek sliced thin
2 cup of vegetable stock
100ml cream
1 teaspoon crushed garlic
2 bay leaf
handful of Parmesan or aged cheddar
Heat oven to 200c

Rub the sausage in oil and season with salt pepper rosemary and thyme.

Curl sausage into a spiral and skewer in place , set aside.

heat stock in a small saucepan, add bay , garlic and a pinch each of salt and pepper , simmer for 15min

Add cream , bring back to a simmer for 5 min.

Layer sliced leek and potato in a casserole , pour stock and cream mix over, pop the bay in the centre at the top. Sprinkle on the cheese.

Cover with foil or a tight lid and bake for 60min

Remove lid add sausage coil , return to oven and bake for another 20 min or until the sausage looks done and the bake is golden on top around the sausage. Serve with steamed veg.


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