Food : Beefy Pudding

Its amazing how fast things change. It is only my grandparents time when animal fats were almost all that was used in British and NZ cookery. I have recently been trying a lot of old English recipes, utilising a pudding basin I recently purchased for many of them.
We have a lot of citrus in Waikanae and so we makeĀ  a lot of marmalade. Dealing with this surfeit I made a marmalade steamed pudding , I used a traditional recipe that included suet , the fat from around a cow’s kidneys and bollocks. After steaming I opened out the pudding and the beefy rendered fat aroma was reminiscent of a hot dog cart. Needless to say this was jarring to my Gen X senses. However after the initial hesitance I have enjoyed the pudding through the week served with hot custard. Half a century ago this would not of caused a batted eyelid now it had a revolutionary ‘Heston Blumenthal-ness’ to it.

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