Travel : London Day 1.5

First day and a 1/2 in England: Well I survived the flights , paid more than I should have for beers in Sydney, paid more than I ever have for a flat white in Abu Dhabi, and arrived to a suitably rainy Heathrow. Stu picked me up and it was straight to The Bricklayers Arms Chipstead for my first pint in the Motherland. Harveys Best straight from the barrel followed by Old Ale and a sample of Kiss from the cellar delivered by the landlord as he knew Stu. English fish and chips (designed to keep the cold out) followed a couple of beers and then a glorious nights sleep after the best part of 2 days without.

Next day I accompanied Stu on a child delivery run to nearby village, driving through country lanes, along the weald looking out across the downs. Then it was time for the first gig at Kill the Cat a little bottleshop in Shoreditch . My first London train ride including sharing the carriage with a group of young ‘Estuary ladies’ on the way to a wedding. Much spray tan , botox and Smirnoff.

The tasting at Kill the Cat was great, intimate and informal cohosted by the great Melissa Cole. Our boy Jake showed up which was cool. Afterwards it was round to The Commercial Tavern to pour pints of our Saison du Nectar. Dinner at an amazing steak restaurant and pints of Fullers ESB at The Astronomer before a train back to Kent.

Today, Sunday is a rest day. But we will see.

Originally posted on facebook.

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