The Year of the Garden

This year I have put a lot of effort into my veg garden. As the pandemic rages on, the world teeters on the edge of another world war and far right conspiracy theorists attempt sedition an hour down the road the garden seems like a good place to hide.
 New raised beds and lots of new planters have allowed me to up my veg production from the usual handful of chili plants. So far I have had a great tomato harvest, an insane pickle harvest , a decent if difficult zucchini crop and 2 aubergines . My chili harvest has been going awhile and will be considerable. Ex Cyclone Dovi caused a bit of strife but all I lost was one chili that got swamped , blowen over and never bounced back. The produce has made for a productive season in the kitchen. After writing this I will start preparing a new raised bed that is to grow broadbeans in the spring.

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