Music : Potion

It was only 2 months ago. Just a fortnight before the country went into level 4 lockdown, but it feels like it was a year ago. I took a weeks leave to make the most of a string of gigs I had tickets for starting with the Obey the Riff Festival, the next day at The Newtown Festival and then the post rock glory of Mono at San Francisco Bathhouse.


I was mainly going to Obey the Riff for Beastwars but was also up to check out the other bands. I really wanted to see Nato’s other band Endboss however their early billing meant that was not to be. After a bit of bandcamp listening I decided the other band I really wanted to see was Potion. The Sydney 3 peice produce a big satisfying doom laden flavour of metal paying homage to the best bits of first decade Sabbath but with the gritty tightness of a hardcore band. 100% my jam.

I made it there in time and Potion did not disappoint. Epic gooves , fat riffs, dynamic song structures where melodic and ambient feedback parts sooth the listener for crashing back in heavy and hard.

The next day word got out that they were playing a free set at the Newtown Festival so Carrie , Luke and myself headed to town and I caught them again. This time the set was plagued by some early technical issues with the bass rig but they still sounded great. They certainly stood out from all the more cliche ‘Wellington sound’ music going on around them.
The videos I took came out great I thought. Smart phone technology has come along way. Two of the ones recorded at Newtown were recorded right next to the PA and still didnt distort.

Check out their bandcamp and if you like them part with some cash. I have.

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