Food : Pottekaas

Like most people who travel to Brussels in search of Lambic and its surrounding culture I came back very much taken by the cheeses served alongside the beer . Most interesting to me was the pottekaas, a dip or spread that combines the tangy fresh cheese of the region with garlic, chives and lambic. Upon my return I set about recreating the experience and so came up with this cheats recipe for pottekaas . It is a cheat as it doesnt include the same tangy lightly funky Brussels cheese but I think it lands in about the right place.

Equal parts
– sour cream
– cream cheese
– flavoursome white mould cheese such as Castello White

1 clove of garlic minced / chopped fine
Handfull of chives or spring onion
Splash of lambic

-Chop the white mould cheese into small pieces

– Place on a bowl, mash galic into the cheese. Splash a little lambic on as you mash.

– once combined add the rest of the cheeses, combine well adding a little more beer if necessary

– stir in chives or spring onions, season with salt and cracked pepper.

Serve with sourdough bread, sliced radish and lambic. Perfect.

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