Travel : Last day in London

Tuesday I did a final tourist day in London. I started out at London Bridge and walked down the Thames past HMS Belfast, a WW2 era light cruiser moored in the Thames as a tourist attraction and down to Tower Bridge and across . Then back up the Thames path to St Pauls. Then I jumped on a tube to Soho as I had enjoyed exploring the lanes earlier. I had lunch in a Fullers pub and took the tube to South Kensington thinking I would visit some museums but in the end I walked around looking at grand expensive terraces of houses , had a quick 1/2 of Swing Low (the current seasonal name given to Fullers Chiswich Bitter) in a random pub and then headed back to Blackfriers to explore some pubs around Fleet Street. I went into the Sam Smiths Cheshire Cheese, then another Sams pub called Crown and Sugar Loaf, a pint of Landlord in The Punch Tavern , and then a scotch egg and pint of Pride in The Harrow before catching the Tube north to Highgate to meet up with Reuben at The Bull to try our collaboration ESB we brewed way back at the start of my trip. A friend of Reuben who runs a craft beer bar in Italy and his girlfriend came for dinner too. We pulled pints ceremoniously and had some great food. Th beer came out great. I then headed for Sevenoaks for my last night in southern England.

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